Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain with more than one million inhabitants and fourth largest metropolitan area by number of inhabitants. Although its monumental heritage is what attracts the most visitors, it has long been a cultural center of great importance. We can see in it the marks left by its first settlers, the Tartésicos, who besides having a very high culture were a peaceful and cultured people; Its existence came to us through the Greek chronicles and archaeological finds.

Seville is a lively city, full of color, cheerful and felt, which can not be closed at home; It is said that the Sevillians live and live on the street and, in a way, this is true. At any time of the year you can find “things to do”: stroll through the city in a thousand and one ways, visit unique monuments, museums and exhibitions, see shows … And always with the same kind welcome by the Sevillians, which Makes it a warm and welcoming city.


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