As if protected by the castle to remember the history, Silves appears on a great valley, where they rise their traditional houses.
Today, Silves is a city that is part of the tourist route of any visitor. Given its economic and urban growth, it is proven that even in the middle of the Algarve, a place rich in its monuments, entertainment and leisure can be found.

The construction of Silves Castle, considered the largest in the Algarve region and the best example of the Islamic military architecture in Portugal, is situated in the 11th century.

The earthquake of 1755 caused much damage, but is now considered one of the best preserved national monuments, thanks to the works of the Directorate General of National Buildings and Monuments.

 This red-walled castle, due to the red stoneware flooring in the area, is situated on top of the hill, surrounded by a curtain of walls with eleven towers, occupying an area of twelve thousand square meters.
In the Alcáçova there are two cisterns, Cisterna Moura, about ten meters high, whose vault is supported by five columns arches and the Cisterna dos Cães, a well with about sixty meters of depth.

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