The popularity of Sagres contrasts with a quiet picturesque village with seafarers, dedicated to the fishing arts.
The small village is surrounded by fantastic and often deserted beaches, which many look for their characteristics indicated mainly to the practice of surfing.
But another unavoidable aspect is undoubtedly the imposing Fortress of Sagres, built by the Infante Dom Henrique. The grandeur of this historical monument dating from the 15th century, allows us to observe a gigantic rose of the winds inside.
The proximity to Cabo de São Vicente also reminds us that we are well on the southern tip of Portugal.
Being integrated in the Natural Park of the Southwest Alentejo, it allows the visitor to find a village that is not characterized by the abundant tourism of the rest of the Algarve.
Through streets and alleys of dazzling white, you find some commerce and can not fail to taste the snacks that the local gastronomy offers.

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