Olhão is essentially a city of seafarers. Characteristic for its islands, much sought after mainly in the summer, we can find in Olhão a whole seafront overlooking the Ria Formosa, were it not for the Concellho the seat of the Natural Park …
The visitor of Olhão not only finds fantastic beaches, but also finds and proves (literally) the best fish and the best seafood in the Algarve, where the largest Seafood Festival in the country is held.
The old quarters, such as the Barreta or the Levante, suggest a visit, an unforgettable tour through its winding and narrow streets.
Another ex-libris are the two Municipal Markets (one for fish and one for fruits and vegetables), two buildings built in 1915, recently refurbished and that act as a meeting point to relax in the afternoon, in the pleasant esplanades that are there .

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