In the middle of the Algarve, the village of Monchique rises at its height of 458 meters, beautiful and simple, as to show how much the Algarve region can offer beyond the beautiful beaches and blue skies. In fact, the town of Monchique is located in the Serra with the same name, so famous for its medicinal waters, already coveted by the Romans, with a rich vegetation, where safaris and beautiful pedestrian walks unveil it in its glow.
The village has a special charm, washed by the traditional Algarvean architecture, more serrana and less coastal, that climb by steep hills, where narrow streets open at every step new perspectives on the green sierra.
A must visit is the Largo de São Sebastião, where the white houses seem to descend on steps along the slopes as a small crib wrapped in natural tones.
Monchique is a village with a strong historical legacy, which translates to the traditional products of the region, such as various artifacts made of wood and leather, baskets, cork, wool sweaters, ham, honey and the famous medronho brandy.
Here you can breathe an invigorating pure air, suitable for undertaking the most diverse activities that are easily found in the region: walking tours, more alternative activities such as yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, among many others, or even hiking, contemplation of the fauna and flora as Rich in the mountains.

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