Loulé is a city that has been growing both in demographic, commercial and tourist level. With historical characteristics of the Arab civilization, which mark the center of the city, we set out to discover a varied variety of monuments, places of typical houses and unique alleys.
Although it is not on the seafront, its offer of beaches is extended to its parishes where the most famous tourist developments of the Algarve appear.
But the Algarve mountain is a monument in itself and one can not fail to witness all its enchantment, especially in the time of the almond trees in bloom.

MED FESTIVAL Included in the itinerary of the biggest festivals of “World Music” of Europe, the MED Festival takes place in the Historic Center of Loulé. In addition to a musical alignment that brings to Portugal the best names of the world’s music, this festival also includes gastronomic shows, plastic arts, street animation, crafts, dance, workshops, and more, with a clear aim to promote The culture of the countries of the Mediterranean Basin.

WHITE NIGHT ALGARVE The “White Night” originates in some European and North American cities and is usually associated with initiatives of humanitarian or social solidarity. In Europe, in tourist areas, the urban concept of White Night has evolved, however, to a commercial aspect, associating music with street entertainment, with open commerce in a new concept of lifestyle where glamor and joy take shape and where the casualties Of cities or their centers are gaining new momentum.
The “White Night” in Loulé was born in 2007. On the last Saturday of August, in the “hangover” of the scorching Algarve summer, the center of the city, in an area of ​​approximately one square kilometer, lives unique moments of pure pleasure.
The trade is open and decorated in white, with windows decorated strictly and the attendants dressed in precept. Goldsmiths, shoemakers, big brands of clothes … all with discounts for those in white!

FESTA MÃE SOBERANA It is an annual procession of the image of Our Lady of Mercy. On Easter Sunday there is a small feast, where the image of Our Lady is taken from her sanctuary to the church of St. Francis. After 15 days, the so-called Festa Grande is held, where the image will be in space at the monument of Eng. Duarte Pacheco during the mass, and later will be taken in a great procession to the sound of the bands up to the top of the mountain where the sanctuary .

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