Fishing activity (from the communities of Ferragudo, Benagil, Carvoeiro and Senhora da Rocha), the cultivation of the vineyard and the traditional farming culture constituted until a few decades ago the main revenue sources of the county.

Driven by fishing, the canning industry, at the beginning of the last century, ravaged these places, bringing with it great prosperity and wealth.

However, since the 1960s, tourism has been the main driver of the development of the municipality, creating the necessary structures to support the dynamization of the economic fabric, with important effects on the job market, namely in the creation of job. This activity was quickly affirmed as the motor of the local economy, the great lever of development, becoming a permanent and structural framework of the county’s economy. Of note in this area of ​​tourism are the most luxurious areas: Albandeira, Caramujeira and Monte Carvoeiro. Praia da Marinha, on the other hand, has become an international tourist reference.

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