Ferragudo is one of the most beautiful village silhouettes by the sea that can be found all over the Algarve.

The town of Ferragudo was born around the turn of the century. XIV. Fishermen who sought the sustenance of their families in the sea, settled in these places, erecting coarse and humble huts. However, there are vestiges that attest us human presence in Ferragudo in the period of Prehistory.

The mouth of the Arade was also a target of greed for the Phoenicians and Carthaginians. The Romans settled camp, dedicating themselves to the fishing and the salting industry of the fish. To prove this stay are the archaeological finds next to the Fort of S. João do Arade.

According to historical sources, the toponym Ferragudo comes from the existence of an iron engenho, implanted in the Beach of the Angrinha, whose purpose was to raise the fish and the goods of the boats that lay there.

The beautiful beaches and the exceptional natural conditions that can be found here combine villas, villages and other accommodation units, making Ferragudo a region of recognized beauty in a pleasant and ideal place for a quiet holiday.

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