The city of Faro, the political and administrative capital, holds the majority of the administrative services of the region and, therefore, a great attraction for the implementation of tertiary and commercial activities, subsidized by the housing function.

Faro assumed its cosmopolitan vocation at the inauguration of its international airport on July 11, 1965, with António de Oliveira Salazar as President of the Municipality. Nowadays, thanks to the increase in tourism demand throughout the Algarve, the city has the second busiest airport in Portugal behind Portela airport in Lisbon, with a movement of more than 5 million passengers per year. The airport is still used by tourists who are going to certain places in Andalucia because it is closer than Seville airport.


Given the strong demographic growth we can even divide Faro into two distinct parts, an old zone that tells us a whole tradition of fishing and people who lived from the sea and a more recent one, characterized by great new spaces of housing and recreation that arose to answer Population growth.
Besides a great historical legacy, we can not forget the beaches, a wide range of beaches and islands, which make Faro really a unique city. You can have the bulgaria of a cosmopolitan village and at the same time you can relax away from all this activity, facing a huge ocean, a stretch of beach to lose sight of

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