It is the main beach of the municipality of Lagoa. It is a beach of fishermen and a cosmopolitan tourist center. It has a small bay with transparent waters, which makes it quite sheltered. On the spot, boats can be rented to visit the caves and secluded .

 Carvoeiro represents a particularly attractive option when it comes to the practice of “sun and beach” tourism, golf and water sports. Closing the coast, water quality, climatic amenity, notoriety of golf courses, accessibility and infrastructures created and the correct occupation of the land in terms of planning, give Carvoeiro the necessary conditions to assert itself as a Of quality destinations in the county, sought after by domestic and foreign tourists.

The site of the Algar Seco is a true ex-libris of this parish, by the harmonious set of its rocks that form authentic balconies and natural windows on the sea. Monte Carvoeiro, on the other side, represents the highest and most luxurious coastal area of ​​the town of Carvoeiro.

Walking by the sea is one of the most beautiful walks that can be advised to those who visit Carvoeiro discovering not only the beauty of the beaches but also appreciating the testimonies that history left in its architectural heritage, a portal of the old fortress, a work that was built in the year of 1670 and the Chapel of Our Lady of the Incarnation, a chapel overlooking the sea and supposed to be built prior to the construction of the fortress with the same name.

It has as main ex-libbris its beach, the Beach of Carvoeiro, and as international tourist attraction the Monte Carvoeiro area.



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