Armação de Pêra


Armação de Pêra is a very appreciated village in the summer, having in the bathing season a population several times superior to its population in the winter. It is a fishing and tourist area.

During the bathing season between June and September, Armação is full of daytime and nightlife. During the day you can enjoy the sport that exists on the beach of fishermen, volleyball. On the beach, during the day, you can also visit the caves with some fishermen who dedicate themselves to this activity in the summer, while others dedicate themselves to fishing the whole year. During the night the street of the bars and the avenue become in places of great movement from the 20h until the 24h.

The religious feasts in this village appear on the second Sunday of August with the feast of Our Lady of the Navigators and on the third Sunday of September with that of Our Lady of the Afflicted.


Historical heritage:

Fortress of Armação de Pêra
Chapel of St. Anthony
Chalé dos Caldas and Vasconcelos
Chalet of the Bicos
Armação de Pêra Mother Church

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