Aljezur or Aljezur , is a land of remote origins, whose antiquity is attested by the many archaeological remains that have been found. Its territory has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Aljezur was founded in the tenth century by the Arabs who remained here for five centuries until the Christian conquest and here they left important marks such as the castle, its cistern, the toponymy, like many legends and popular stories.

With a very rocky coastline, which is interrupted several times by wonderful beaches that give name to the various beaches. Almost all the beaches are the mouth of the main streams of the region. Next to the beaches one can observe the imposing cliffs, cut of shale and grauvaques, of color sharply gray and black:

Praia do Amado
Praia da Amoreira
Praia da Arrifana
Praia da Bordeira
Praia da Carreagem
Praia do Monte Clérigo
Praia de Odeceixe
Praia do Penedo
Praia da Quebrada
Praia da Samouqueira
Praia de Vale dos Homens
Praia de Vale Figueiras

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